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Sheraton Hotel | Costa Rica 600 401 Estudio AI

Sheraton Hotel | Costa Rica

Hotel | Huinganco – Neuquén 650 344 Estudio AI

Hotel | Huinganco – Neuquén

The land of approximately 4 hectares, which is adjacent to a road that leads to a viewpoint, is a pine covered ground that slopes steeply down to the Neuquén river with the magnificent mountain range as background view. The building is placed on the high part of the land to take full advantage of the views across the forest with the Andes in the background. The complex was designed longitudinally in order to take advantage of the wide landscape views from the rooms and also distribute the support system on the steeply sloping land. It is organized in three levels that basically host the services on the basement, the Resto-Bar and half of the rooms on the ground floor and the lobby-reception, sitting area and the rest of the rooms on the upper floor. The idea consists of a strip with a single roof that summarizes and gives unity to the different spacial situations that the building presents; joined and entwined with the forest that covers the land like a carpet, the construction and adjacent areas will require a minimum forest clearing.