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Hotel & Casino

Carrasco Hotel & Casino | Montevideo – Uruguay 1024 749 Estudio AI

Carrasco Hotel & Casino | Montevideo – Uruguay

Carrasco Hotel & Casino

Existing building recovery, especially for the Hotel activities: Ball/Convention Rooms, Restaurant and part of the Casino, placing the main Casino room outside the perimeter of the existing building, which recovers and enhances the previous space and the value of the existing building, creates an extra access for the Hotel and provides broad views overlooking the promenade and the entrance stairs at the front, restoring the relation between the Hotel, the Rambla and the beach.

IBIS Hotel | Córdoba 1024 768 Estudio AI

IBIS Hotel | Córdoba

The land is located at the intersection of Juan Perón Avenue and Balcarce Street, on the border of the urban district that connects the central area of the city of Córdoba with the train station area and the current Centro Cívico -under construction. It has special characteristics which are relevant to the aims of the project:

– Land of meager dimensions considering the building typology of the Hotel project and the needs of a corporative identity.

– Triangular geometry that is seductive but at the same time difficult for the building configuration and the distribution of key elements of the project.

– A singular corner, reminiscent of a ship’s bow on the avenue and the need to provide an answer to two completely different situations: the avenue with its surroundings and its impetus for constant change, and “that other world” of Balcarse street.

­ A heritage-listed-building next to the land on Balcarce street which makes it necessary to take technical, aesthetic and spacial precautionary measures, beyond compliance with the codes.

Thus the challenge is to create a product that fulfills the needs of the architectural program and the corporative image, taking into account the visual and cultural impact of the project, providing an adequate insertion of the building into the urban fabric and creating an architectural product that enhances the value of the corner in question.

Crown Hotel & Casino | Las Grutas – Río Negro 650 243 Estudio AI

Crown Hotel & Casino | Las Grutas – Río Negro

The layout of the complex was designed so that the different spaces function independently. The Hotel, the Restaurant as well as the (existing) Casino have different accesses. Taking advantage of the triangular shape of the block, they are organized in each angle; there is access to the restaurant from the sea, to the casino from “bajada 3” and to the hotel from the city.

HOTEL CASINO MAGIC | Neuquén 1024 605 Estudio AI


The Hotel is an addition to the Casino, which was built in the first stage of the project. It is organized on a single floor with all the rooms distributed around a yard with swimming pool and relax areas; while the lobby provides internal connection to the yard, the gymnasium, the supplementary services, and the casino gaming rooms.
The hotel is part of Casino Magic complex, located next to National Road 22, between the city center of Neuquén and the international airport. This addition to the existing casino has a covered area of 3600 square meters and exterior areas of more than 2000 square meters. It is connected to the existing building through a big corridor that joins the gaming room with the hotel lobby. From this corridor there is access to the different public spaces: restaurant, cafeteria, events space, lounges, business center and hotel amenities.
The hotel has a “U” shape and each wing has different room categories (south wing, north wing and central wing). The wings surround a central green area whose principal attraction is the heated swimming pool and a solarium with outdoor jacuzzi.
The access was planned to be from the South, with an important porte-cochère that welcomes guests in a semi-covered space of considerable dimensions.
At the end of the hallway is the lobby with its front desk, administrative offices and a big sitting area at the center.
The circulation space among rooms in the central wing allows communication with a Spa & Fitness Center and the gaming room of the hotel.
The exterior image of the Hotel correlates with the architecture concept of the Casino. At the south and west, a perimeter wall protects the complex from the exterior sound and movement, providing an extended area to each of the rooms.