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Corporate Buildings

Los Alamos de Rosauer | Cipolletti – Río Negro 650 312 Estudio AI

Los Alamos de Rosauer | Cipolletti – Río Negro

The original idea was based on a group of buildings with interlinked main areas and green spaces (in this first stage the offices and the packaging house were built). The first area consists of the offices, the training-dining room, the access control, and the different parking sectors; while the packing house, the services buildings, and the storage facilities are in the second area. The technical resolution was based on the use of flat concrete blocks for the buildings in the first group, and pure volumes of colored metal sheet for the ones in the second group.

Banco Patagonia | Neuquén 1024 661 Estudio AI

Banco Patagonia | Neuquén

  • Neuquén / NQN
  • Viedma / RN
  • Gral. Roca 1 / RN
  • Gral. Roca 2 / RN
  • Cipolletti / RN
  • Villa Regina / RN
  • Bariloche / RN
  • Catriel / RN
BPN Business Center | Neuquén 453 550 Estudio AI

BPN Business Center | Neuquén

Between faceted prisms, rising as landmark of the city, the business center of Patagonia appears on the horizon …
Hotel, Offices, BPN Shopping Center.

NOV – Tuboscope | PIN ESTE 1024 361 Estudio AI

NOV – Tuboscope | PIN ESTE

Fin del Mundo Winery | San Patricio del Chañar – Neuquén 1024 757 Estudio AI

Fin del Mundo Winery | San Patricio del Chañar – Neuquén

Due to the forceful geometry of the rows, the wild natural landscape has been systematized, transforming the desert into an oasis.
Imprints, obvious signs that seduce and contrast, land of pioneers, slight undulations that enhance the transformation and denote the constants of the Patagonian plateau
It is in this unique framework that the Fin del Mundo Winery arises.
With 400 has. of vineyards, this winery will have a production capacity of 5,669,100 liters.

Carlos Isla | Cipolletti 1024 576 Estudio AI

Carlos Isla | Cipolletti

Moguillansky Clinic | Neuquén 502 1024 Estudio AI

Moguillansky Clinic | Neuquén

Neuquén Cargo Airport 1024 371 Estudio AI

Neuquén Cargo Airport

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