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Convention Center Llao Llao | Bariloche – Río Negro 650 458 Estudio AI

Convention Center Llao Llao | Bariloche – Río Negro

It was proposed to use the same materials that have been used in the same area, such as wood, glass and stone but with a more contemporary design. Furthermore, the natural slopes were used for the installation of an outdoor amphitheater with the stage that allows the spectators to have a view of the Moreno lake.

AFIP Offices | Rosario 1024 759 Estudio AI

AFIP Offices | Rosario

Preliminary projects Competition: Customs Offices in the city of Rosario

Recovery of the Urban Memory and retrofitting of the former Banco Municipal de Préstamos y Caja de Ahorros, in contrast to current times (Federal Administration of Public Revenue -AFIP- and Customs) through the potentiality and flexibility of uses of the Historical building.