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El Niño Feliz Toy Store | Neuquén 412 550 Estudio AI

El Niño Feliz Toy Store | Neuquén

Yoga Center | Neuquén 678 1024 Estudio AI

Yoga Center | Neuquén

Organic building

Through the balance between form and scale, this Yoga Center is inserted in a residential neighbourhood
of Neuquén with a differential image of great expressiveness, without losing a dialogue according to its environment.

This iconic building that hosts a Yoga center is placed on a land of meager dimensions.  The morphological proposal,
materialized in a curved cover that pretends to be a shell, impregnates the project with an organic image of great expressiveness.
A concrete gate emphasizes both the entrance and the complex, giving place to a great volume that is four meters away
from the public property line to generate a scale in accordance with the surroundings:
a residential neighborhood of low construction density.

The room on the upper level has the same dimensions of the one on the ground floor and has services.
The passive architectural design of the complex creates cross- ventilation in all the spaces, and especially in the rooms
which become “bellows”between the front and back yards, visually and physically integrating the ground floor and incorporating
the landscape into the upper floor.

Pollolin Commercial Offices | Cipolletti – Río Negro 650 279 Estudio AI

Pollolin Commercial Offices | Cipolletti – Río Negro

47 Street Commercial Store | Neuquén 1024 687 Estudio AI

47 Street Commercial Store | Neuquén

Commercial Stores | Neuquén 650 304 Estudio AI

Commercial Stores | Neuquén

IP Bistró Fast Food | Neuquén 580 1024 Estudio AI

IP Bistró Fast Food | Neuquén

IAG Arquitectos finished a new local project in the city of Neuquén last November: IP Bistró, facing the challenge of the location and the line of business of our client (“delicious and fast chicken”).
Located on Argentina Avenue, a few steps away from the Town Hall, the small shop has been completely recycled and adapted to the Client’s needs.

The graphics designed by Ariel Ibarroule and his team deserve a lot of attention.

Carlos Isla | Cipolletti 1024 576 Estudio AI

Carlos Isla | Cipolletti

Nippon Car Toyota Dealership | Neuquén 1024 941 Estudio AI

Nippon Car Toyota Dealership | Neuquén

The building is on a collector road from National Road 22 which is the entrance of the city of Neuquén.

It enhances and completes the empty space of the corner with a strong concrete body and consolidates the block with a 50-meter glass front overlooking the road.
The complex is an iconic urban spot that welcomes thousands of people who drive daily along the national road in order to enter the capital city of Neuquén after crossing the Neuquén river.

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