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Los Cañadones Luxury half-floor apartments | Neuquén 662 1024 Estudio AI

Los Cañadones Luxury half-floor apartments | Neuquén

The complex is organized in a building with a completely free perimeter that is detached from any party walls or public property line. The building consists of a central body with 2 (two) apartments per floor.

There are 8 (eight) half-floor housing units and two lower levels, one for parking space and the other for amenities -a grill area, indoor swimming pool and related services- added to the unbeatable views of the entire valley, make Los Cañadones a unique place in the city.

Ecor II Building | Neuquén 650 422 Estudio AI

Ecor II Building | Neuquén

Taking into account the setback of the adjacent building, and in an attempt to provide all the units with panoramic views overlooking the square across the street, the residential tower was organized based on a minimum horizontal circulation, with 6 duplexes, 27 two- and three-bedroom apartments and 2 penthouses that function as visual crowning touch and enhance the urban landscape.

Ecor V Building | Neuquén 412 550 Estudio AI

Ecor V Building | Neuquén

Ecor VII Building | Neuquén 650 487 Estudio AI

Ecor VII Building | Neuquén

Ecor Building VI | Neuquén 519 1024 Estudio AI

Ecor Building VI | Neuquén

EPSA Building | Neuquén 1024 865 Estudio AI

EPSA Building | Neuquén

Besares Parque | Saavedra – Buenos Aires 1024 878 Estudio AI

Besares Parque | Saavedra – Buenos Aires

The building is composed of 8 three bedroom apartments, 6 two bedroom apartments and 2 convertible studio houses.

The project offers the opportunity to live in front of the park, promoting a panoramic view of the green space from all the angles of the building and thus be able to perceive the condition of amplitude that this location offers us, with the Besares St., Boulevard.
Saavedra Park has 10 forested hectares and counts with infrastructure for various outdoor activities such as aerobic circuits, bike paths, playground for children.

25 de Mayo Building | Neuquén 362 1024 Estudio AI

25 de Mayo Building | Neuquén

Improved worth of the place and the building with a sustainable proposal and a single floor plan that summarizes the project requirements and the rationalization in the building process. The proposal is implemented and organized through a compact floor plan layout, the parking spaces from 1° to 11° are distributed on the underground, ground and intermediate levels. An identical standard floor with 4 housing units per floor and a total of 44 units in the whole building.

At the crowning point of the building, there is a semi-covered space which functions as an open barbecue area, with two big terraces, one at the front and the other at the back of the building.