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Surcons II


Surcons II | Neuquén

Surcons II – Housing Complex
Surcons II is a housing complex located in Santa Genoveva neighborhood, on Río Salado Street. It is a 6-duplex housing complex with an optimized distribution and great luminosity.

The access to the duplex apartment is through a green space that functions as the neighborhood garden. The duplex has a 7.5-meter-wide front and a C-shaped floor plan. A double semi-covered parking space opens into an inner yard. There is a glazed sitting room along the whole width of land lot overlooking the front and back yards. These open views on a 32-meter-long land lot provide great transparency and luminosity on the ground floor. Both the toilet and the kitchen are at the front.

The inner yard on the ground floor allows a distribution on the first floor so that the master en suite bedroom is at the front and the other two bedrooms and a bathroom are at the back.   Thus creating a space for the exclusive use of parents and another one for the kids. A hall on the ground floor connected to an intimate sitting space on the first floor are also part of this distribution area.

Technical Data:

Date: 01/2001
Location: Neuquén
Year: 2001
Area: 900 m2

  • Construction management
  • Cost-Time Analysis
  • Prefeasibility study
  • Preliminary Project
  • Real State Advice