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IBIS Hotel

Córdoba - Argentina

IBIS Hotel | Córdoba

The land is located at the intersection of Juan Perón Avenue and Balcarce Street, on the border of the urban district that connects the central area of the city of Córdoba with the train station area and the current Centro Cívico -under construction. It has special characteristics which are relevant to the aims of the project:

– Land of meager dimensions considering the building typology of the Hotel project and the needs of a corporative identity.

– Triangular geometry that is seductive but at the same time difficult for the building configuration and the distribution of key elements of the project.

– A singular corner, reminiscent of a ship’s bow on the avenue and the need to provide an answer to two completely different situations: the avenue with its surroundings and its impetus for constant change, and “that other world” of Balcarse street.

­ A heritage-listed-building next to the land on Balcarce street which makes it necessary to take technical, aesthetic and spacial precautionary measures, beyond compliance with the codes.

Thus the challenge is to create a product that fulfills the needs of the architectural program and the corporative image, taking into account the visual and cultural impact of the project, providing an adequate insertion of the building into the urban fabric and creating an architectural product that enhances the value of the corner in question.

Technical Data:

Date: 10/2011
Location: Av. Perón y Balcarce, Córdoba
Area: 8.000 m2

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