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Casa Club Plaza | Neuquén



CasaClub Plaza is a residential building located in Neuquén city center. A fusion between urban and nature that offers the possibility of living surrounded by recreational places, with the comfort, infrastructure and security that modern life demands. This complex is an authentic Urban Club.



Two main areas distinguish CasaClub Plaza:
-Residential area, with large and comfortable apartments and amenities for the exclusive use of Casa Club Plaza residents.
-Commercial area: health & beauty, gymnasium and heated indoor swimming pool. These sectors will also be open to the public and will be supervised by professionals.



Designed under the criteria of sustainable design, this residential building counts with a large garden terrace that helps with thermal insulation and solar water heaters. The entry of light is regulated through the provision of sunshades and eaves.

home – work – sport – health


Technical Data:

Date: 08/2014
Location: Santiago del Estero y Roca
Year: 2014

  • Construction management
  • Cost-Time Analysis
  • Interior Decoration
  • Management
  • Prefeasibility study
  • Preliminary Project
  • Preliminary studies
  • Project
  • Real State Advice